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The Alliance is Now “Official!”

On Feb. 12, the Afghan American Alliance of Georgia’s CEO Hogai Nassery announced that the volunteer-driven group is now a legally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization. And because of that status, it has opened up a fully functional “donate” button.

Dr. Nassery said that she is both “proud and nervous” to see that the grassroots group has matured so quickly. Now, the US Internal Revenue Code recognizes AAAGA as eligible for the federal tax exemption available to nonprofit charitable organizations.

“We have a board of directors and a Chief Financial Officer and an amazing group of volunteers,” she said. “We help families move into their apartments, visit them afterwards, and help them navigate their new lives in this amazing country. We have been the fortunate recipients of so many donations of clothing, furniture, time, and now, money!”

Dr. Nassery said the organization was able to achieve so much so quickly because of local partners and guidance from “other groups of volunteers around the country who are all working long hours trying to help ameliorate this tremendous humanitarian catastrophe.”

“I'm nervous, but very happy,” she said.

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