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The Afghan American Alliance of Georgia is a 501(c)3 organization founded by concerned Georgians to support the many Afghan families starting a new life in our community. 


On May 1, 2021, President Biden announced that after two decades in Afghanistan, US troops would begin a full withdrawal over the summer. Taliban forces immediately began a military offensive, culminating in the capture of the Afghan capital, Kabul, on August 15. The US completed its withdrawal on August 30, upon which the Taliban claimed victory. In those final days in August, thousands of Afghans who had helped US troops scrambled to escape the Taliban's revenge. The evacuees were forced to leave behind their belongings, their careers, their bank accounts, and their families. They were forced by the Taliban's return to start again from nothing and are eager to rebuild their lives here and pursue the American Dream.

Recognizing that support from existing aid organizations and the US government wouldn't be enough for these families to start their lives over and thrive over the long-term, a group of concerned Georgians came together to form the AAAGA, a 501(c3) nonprofit organization. The goals of the AAAGA are to 1. provide direct aid to help the new arrivals from Afghanistan get back on their feet, 2. orient them to life in the US and help them join our community, and 3. provide them the support they need to find financial stability and independence.

Meet The Board

Dr. Hogai Nassery, CEO
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Dr. Zack Poyan, CFO
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Dr. John Bunting, Member
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Sherry Ebrahimi, Member
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Bill Igou, Treasurer
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Mindy Simon, Member
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Dr. Mary Helen O'Connor, Member
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