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Cold Day Filled with Warm Hearts

Even on bitter cold days, volunteers and refugee families are coming together to help our Afghan friends launch new lives in Metro Atlanta. On a freezing Jan. 30th, four Afghan families visited the AAAGA’s storage units to pick out winter coats and household items such as blankets and pillows.

The storage units are filled with donated items that have been sorted by volunteers. One volunteer, Marilyn Geewax, said she was amazed by the quality of the clothing donations.

“A few items are not top quality, but most of the clothing has been very good - only lightly worn. And many of the items are brand new, complete with sales tags,” she said. “It’s encouraging to know that the refugees will be getting appropriate, useful clothing to help them get started finding jobs, getting an education and building new lives.”

For now, the storage units have enough clothing to last for a while, so used clothing donations are not being encouraged. But the work of sorting and distributing clothes, shoes, purses, backpack and other items is continuing. Sign up if you’d like to help with those tasks.

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